New Tattoo! Reveal!

Hello friends. It’s been a mad couple of weeks. I overdid it and now I am sleeping over 12 hours a night. Does that happen to any of you with mental illnesses? If I don’t look after my energy levels I crash completely.

I also am a divil (Irish Slang) for over-committing. As you all know I’m doing my Ph.D., maintaining this blog, writing part-time. Don’t worry I’m not complaining I’m blessed with my work, but I have to learn to say no better than I am already.

However on to greater things, here is a picture of my tattoo when it was first revealed. I love it so much, I am so grateful to my tattoo artist Pat, owner of Tattoo Heroes in Dublin, Ireland.

Bare Arm…
Buffy Tattoo!
Buffy Tattoo!

Also a huge thank you to Le’Boo for a wonderful Christmas present.

I promise to show you more when it has healed better but until then:

“Are you ready to be strong?”



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