7 ‘Small’ YouTuber’s I Love

Well, friends, it’s Tuesday so it’s time for another bit of fun, and what’s more fun than YouTube…? No need to answer that!

If you have a YouTube channel please link it below and I’ll subscribe. Honestly, I’ve tried to subscribe to as many as my followers as possible but I may have missed you!

Anyways it’s my favourite website I spend more hours on there then I care to let you know, (all of the hours). 😊

Hence you may have noticed my attempt at YouTube videos (subscribe!!!
https://www.youtube.com/user/PrincessGinJenXxx). You might not know it but I’m a staaaarrrrrr on YouTube. 😉

Today I’d like to highlight some YouTube channels that are under 500,000, even under 100,000. There are many I love but these are 7 that come to mind. 

Before we do though I would like to mention our fellow blogger Steven Colbourne. He has a YouTube channel and he will be putting up some interesting stuff there in the coming months so let’s go support him!


So without further ado, I shall begin in no particular order:



You may have noticed my sustainability journey and this Lady was recommended to me by my sister-in-law. I watched her videos from start to finish and her evolution gave me hope for myself. She was into dyeing her hair, makeup, fashion… and she made it work. Now in fairness, she lives in London so some of her habits/hacks are harder for me. However, she is charming and very easy to learn from.





This is such an amazing story channel. I only recently discovered it and I got obsessed. I watched all of their videos in like 2 days. If you are interested in spooky stories or unexplained mysteries then these guys are for you. I can’t believe they don’t have more views/subscribers. 





This adorable channel discusses YouTube ‘drama & gossip’ in a fresh way. It’s not speculative wherein you come away with the same information. This channel challenges itself by adding clips/thoughts from professionals such as doctors, scientists, and philosophers. Plus it’s cute.





My fellow Edgelord Fraser, better known as INabber on the interwebs. Another YouTube gossip channel (what have I become), but hear me out! This guy tells jokes! Just trust me he’s a funny guy, give him a try.





Muchelle B is a lifestyle blogger I love. She has such interesting take on productivity coupled with self-care. Her videos are visually entertaining and her tagline is ‘living life intentionally.’ Genuinely that’s advice I think we could all do with.





My buds! Well, I like to think we’re buds because these guys are too relatable. Like the way they converse is just what it’s like in my head. Their podcasts somehow manage to intrigue and tickle me simultaneously. If you like podcasts they are everywhere you find podcasts. Also, they’ve done fantastic readings of SCP’s from the SCP website that’s well worth a listen. 





Finally, the incomparable, the beautiful, the brilliant Spankie Valentine, AKA Swoop. This girl had a YouTube channel that had 600,000 subscribers, then a YouTube algorithmic anomaly destroyed it overnight. She then picked herself up, dusted herself off, and created SWOOP.

She made a video about mental health that won an award at the 2018 Buffer Festival. She’s fun, she’s fab, she’s full of life and she needs your subscription! 



So that’s all that I have for you lovely people today. Please check below for other fun Tuesday lists.



Top 10 ‘Eagles’ Songs That Weren’t Singles

RIP Glenn Frey (1948 – 2016)

We are forever grateful for your contribution to music

If you know me personally or if you’ve read my blog recently you’ll know I’m a hugely into music. My parent’s influenced me a lot in my formative years, then as a teenager, my taste diverged.

One band that stuck with me from my parents, however, was the Eagles. Now I could rank the top 10 singles and we could argue for years over that. Or what I thought would be more fun is to discuss the top 10 Eagles songs (in my humble opinion) that weren’t singles.

Although I had some hard choices in ranking, some were obvious winners.

10. ‘The Disco Strangler’ – The Long Run (1979)

Writer(s): Don Henley. Glenn Frey. Don Felder.

Although this was released in 1979 I call ‘The Long Run’ their 80’s album. You cannot escape the groove of this track. Henley is my favourite vocalist in Eagles (actually he’s my favourite Eagle).

This song is an interesting take on the late 70’s dance club scene. Girls without a care possibly falling into the arms of the ‘Disco Strangler’. It might be a cautionary tale, or it might just be the music itself. Only the writers know.

9. ‘No More Walks In The Wood’ – The Long Road Out Of Eden (2007)

Writer(s): Don Henley. Steuart Smith. John Hollander.

Did you forget about their most recent album? Don’t worry it’s often overlooked but there are some really beautiful tracks on there. Especially as they branched out with their collaborations.

You need to appreciate the vocal capabilities of the Eagles. You have Henley, Frey, Walsh and Schmit. Absolute gold.

This song is an ode to nature while chastising humankind. It’s telling that the cover of the album is a desert. Layers upon layers of meaning are reflected in strata of harmonies that delight.

8. ‘Journey Of The Sorcerer’ – One of These Nights (1975)

Writer(s): Bernie Leadon.

Do you recognise this tune despite not being an Eagles lover? Well, you’re right. This beautiful instrumental written and performed by Bernie Leadon was the theme music for ‘The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’ BBC radio show in 1978 & 1979.

The driving melody coupled with Leadon’s banjo is inescapably ethereal. As the only song on this list without vocals, I believe it holds it own. Leadon’s role feels underplayed in the band overall.

It’s very much of the time. The Eagles deliver this song as cohesively as any harmonised track of theirs. I miss the banjo. It needs its triumphant return.

7. ‘Take The Devil’ – Eagles (1972)

Writer(s): Randy Meisner.

Written by Meisner, sung by Meisner. This song was the reason Glyn John agreed to produce the album, as previously he thought the band was too rock for him. So in truth, Meisner saved this album.

I also had to give you a Meisner song. Although his favourite in our family is ‘Take it to the Limit,‘ if you give ‘Take the Devil’ a chance you’re sure to be surprised.

6. ‘On The Border’ – On The Border  (1974)

Writer(s): Don Henley. Bernie Leadon. Glenn Frey.

Beautiful mixture of Henley vocals and harmonies from the rest.

Of course, the boys of the Eagles were always trying to stick it to the man, and they were not a fan of the nanny state. Pretty sure we have a red band if they cared about affiliations.

Plenty of metaphors mixed with outright statements. The slick guitar licks in the middle of the song remind me of the men in suits who want your hard earned cash.

“I thought this was a private line…I’m trying to change this water to wine.”

Their grandiosity never ends.

5. ‘Pretty Maids All In A Row’ – Hotel California (1976)

Writer(s): Joe Walsh. Joe Vitale.

Look every song on Hotel California is a masterpiece, but unlike Gods creatures, not all songs were created equal. This song, in particular, has stuck with me and often pops into my head. A welcomed earworm for sure.

‘Why do we give up our hearts to the past? And why must we grow up so fast?’ 

We also have to give Joe Walsh his due, for this one. The album is bursting with Henley / Frey goodness yet Walsh manages to match their bravado with this storybook and soaring vocals.

4. ‘Wasted Time’ – Hotel California (1976)

Writer(s): Don Henley. Glenn Frey.

Pure Henley and Frey magic. In my opinion, this song is the only challenger to Desperado in soulful honesty.  Hotel California was one of my favourite albums growing up. How the songs made me feel evolved over time.

This song hurt me for quite a while after a bad breakup. All I could do was thank Henley’s voice for soothing me through it. There aren’t enough Eagles songs that featured piano as effectively as this one.

“You didn’t love the boy too much, no no you just, loved the boy too well.”

Ouch! Take a little time to enjoy what the base is doing if the lyrics are too painful.

3. ‘Midnight Flyer’ – On The Border (1974)

Writer(s): Paul Craft.

(This song is a cover but hear me out)

Not written by any of the Eagles but WOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE what a fucking tune! Pardon my French.

It’s quick, it’s country, and it’s infectious. It was a perfect addition to the surly atmosphere of ‘On The Border’. Leadon’s banjo coupled with train whistle vocals is enough to turn anyone into a country fan.

Drive that beat home boys!

2. ‘Doolin’ Dalton’ – Desperado (1973)

Writer(s): Don Henley. Glenn Frey. J.D Souther. Jackson Browne.

Jackson Browne’s involvement with the Eagles is underrated. Fight me on this.

The boys wrote the album ‘Desperado’ while jamming with Browne. He had recently read a book about gunfighters. This is how ‘Doolin-Dalton‘ was born.

Although it appears as though they are glorifying anti-heroes, the underlying message was the harshness of life in the West.

‘Red-eyed whiskey for the pain.’

I’m with you there boys.

1. Those Shoes – The Long Run (1979) 

Writer(s): Don Henley. Glenn Frey. Don Felder.

This was an easy number 1 for me. Pretty much any song with Henley’s vocals are a winner.

Henley’s vocals coupled with dirty strings. This song is just plain filthy and I love it. You can actually smell the clubs in this song. Everyone imagines their own version of ‘those shoes’ with the ankle straps.

‘But you’re so smooth and the world’s so rough.’

‘They give you tablets of love.’

When you’re young and desperate for attention, ‘those shoes’ will get it for you.

The ringing guitars and the frightful drums are oppressive. The song ends so suddenly you might want to hold onto something lest you fall.

Hope you enjoyed this list. Tell me about your favourite Eagles song in the comments below

Also here is a playlist I made on Spotify:

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Consecrate Fire

Bronze dead chattels,

Fading to grey, in the mist. The veil ascends.

Catch it before it clutches you.


They are waiting, patiently eager,

Vibrating into view, atrophied senses, madness-inducing.

Dimensional shrouds have their limits.


The whiskey slowly warms,

Burn the fire, oxygen combusts, creating florescent beings.

Gatherings create havens for the living.


The dead are beyond.

Do not let the Mephistopheles trick you of your elemental form.

Dybbuk will cede your soul.


Let the light burn, even if it is within you.


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Top 5 H.P Lovecraft Short Stories


As you may have gathered I am a huge fan of the macabre. The horror genre is my utmost favourite in all mediums. While I can, and have been known to write fiction which is uplifting, action-packed, or romantic, horror is where I feel most at home.

Of course, you must be a reader to be a writer[i] and I am an avid reader of the horror genre. I love the supernatural, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, unnatural laws, and the foibles of humankind. In this sense, I feel there is only one author who stands up to meet all these criteria and that is H.P Lovecraft.

His is the story of a genius who remained unrecognised in his time. While he did manage to sell and publish stories during his lifetime, it wasn’t enough to keep him afloat. He relied on his inheritance, which upon his death at the age of 46, had been slowly ground to nothing.

His stories are now in the public domain and have influenced writers such as Stephen King to J.C Lynch. (Self-shout out and no I’m not sorry!)

The criteria for this list is as follows: It must be a short story. It must be written solely by Lovecraft. It must be published before his death.

I digress, so without further ado I present to you my top 5 favourite HP Lovecraft short stories.

  1. “The Colour Out Of Space.” Written 1927, Published 1927.

This fantastic horror story documents the experience of a family, living in the hills outside of Arkham after their farm is polluted by a meteorite from space. Futile attempts to study the meteorite by local scientists results in the matter sinking into obscurity. Years later a surveyor is unnerved by the land, prompting a local to tell him the tragic story of the Gardner family.


  1. “The Cats Of Ultar.” Written 1920, Published 1920.

Set in Lovecraft’s dreamworld, this simple story tells the tale of a caravan passing through Ultar. A young boy’s kitten is killed by a local couple who are known to despise cats. The young boy, distraught at this discovery, casts his eyes to the heavens and mutters a curse upon the couple. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but in Ultar to this day, all cats are revered.


  1. Pickman’s Model.” Written 1926, Published 1927.

The narrator’s eccentric artist friend Pickman, known for painting harrowing scenes, invites him over to see the works rejected by the gallerys. The daunting scenes of creatures unknown to man causes disquiet in the narrator, however, he takes solace in knowing the beasts portrayed, are nothing more than fiction from the mind of his friend.


  1. The Outsider.” Written 1921, Published 1926.

Set in a decrepit castle, deep in the woods, our narrator does not identify themselves in anyway. They lived in this castle all their lives, and as far back as they remember they’ve never seen the sky. One day,  frustration gets the best of them, and they make a perilous journey. Climbing to the top of the tallest tower they finally see the outside world.


  1. The Doom That Came To Sarnath.” Written 1919, Published 1920.

My favourite story of Lovecraft’s is once again set in his auspicious dreamworld. It documents the history of the great city of Sarnath, the shining jewel of civilisation. They become arrogant, conquering the neighbouring city of Ib, simply because they do not like the creatures which inhabit it. They take the city’s stone idol of ‘Bokrug The Water Lizard’, and reign on high for a 1000 years. However as the story goes, doom must play its part in the city of Sarnath.

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Please go follow: ‘Books For Intellectual Exercise‘ on YouTube for more amazing H.P Lovecraft readings.


If you like lists of things, check this out:


[i] King, Stephen. 2000. “On Writing: A Memoire of the Craft.” Scribner. New York City.


Wicca. Noun. “A religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs and practices of western Europe that affirms the existence of supernatural power (such as magic) and of both male and female deities who inhere in nature and that emphasizes ritual observance of seasonal and life cycles.”[i]


Although I don’t follow an organised religion, I’ve always felt there was a spiritual gap in my life. I envy my friend’s meditative connection to a higher power when they pray. When I’m struggling with my mental illnesses, I know the ability to focus my mind would give me peace. Yet meditation is not an easy skill to learn as I’ve struggled with it for many years. However, those practising Wicca take this training as the due course in their craft.

“Be aware…that disciplines are ineffective unless a routine is established because the unconscious is attuned to patterns and will respond easily once the pattern of a conscious routine is rhythmic.”[ii]

In my local Vincent De Paul, I came across a book on Witchcraft, and absentmindedly bought it as research for one of my projects. In reading it a revelationary paradigm was cracked. Not only due to its descriptive worth, but it’s connections to female power struggles throughout history. While the modern Wicca has both male and female practitioners, it’s roots are in paganism and witchcraft. Both known for their charged feminine figures.

As a feminist I hunger to understand the lore of the feminine, and that which is interwoven into my body. It was comforting to discover that our pagan ancestors used their awareness of the heavens to not only influences the outer world but their inner worlds. To them inner peace begat outer peace.

“Discovering the sublime silence at the center of your being and activating that center.”[iii]


Of course, as Halloween approaches, (my favourite time of the year), that which is chilling surfaces. Yet it is my duty to remind you that although dark magic exists and was practised as a religion throughout the ages, those that called themselves witches were persecuted out of fear. Not as a result of any true evil. Women were murdered for their independence, for displaying fortitude, and simply for their feminine energies.

Wicca was born in the 20th century out of the ashes of witchcraft and paganism. It can be practised alone or as the member of a coven. It’s the way of the Goddess, to live beyond the ego, to firmly grasp your senses, so you are their ruler. “Awareness is the ability to literally read the feelings in the air…awareness means control of one’s undertakings.”[iv] Wicca is not about changing the outside world to your every whim. It’s changing how you process your inner world so your journey in life may be more mindful, enjoyable, and rich.

‘Do as ye will, e’re it harm none’

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De Angeles, Ly. 2006. “Witchcraft: Theory and Practice.” Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn Worldwide.



[i] https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Wicca

[ii] De Angeles, Ly. 2006. “Witchcraft: Theory and Practice.” Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn Worldwide. Page 4.

[iii] De Angeles, Ly. 2006. “Witchcraft: Theory and Practice.” Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn Worldwide. Page 9.

[iv] De Angeles, Ly. 2006. “Witchcraft: Theory and Practice.” Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn Worldwide. Page 37.


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My Hair, A History

Well, friends, I’m embarking on a hair journey this September. I’m nervous, but happy I’ve finally gathered up the courage to do the “no poo” challenge.

This September I’ve given up using shampoo and conditioner as part of my sustainability goals. I hopefully won’t have to buy shampoo or conditioner anymore and I’ll be avoiding the plastic bottles they come in. I’ll be talking about this more in October when I’ve hit the month mark, but until then I thought it would be fun to revisit my hair journey from birth.

So I went digging through old photos to find hair goals in Drogheda from 1990 to 2000. (Spoiler my friends, it’s mostly boring). I’ll be doing a hair journey from 2001 – 2010 at some stage when I had free reign over my hair. However, there is some adorableness mixed with cringe here so please, prepare thy self.




“Can you see my tiny mohawk?”


My Hair, A History
My Hair, A History

Eh Mam, I’m not happy with this dress.”


“The year of the tiny pigtails!”


My Hair, A History
My Hair, A History

The 80’s hair is hanging in there!”


My Hair, A History
My Hair, A History

An adventure in velour.”


My Hair, A History
My Hair, A History

“I had the Natalie Imbruglia pout 2 years before she released ‘Torn’!”


“Mam let me wear red lipstick at Christmas!”



Look it’s a brunette Stevie Nicks.”


My Hair, A History
My Hair, A History

“All I can do is stare at the shoes. Mine are dreadful, Chris is wearing socks and sandals. Thank goodness our hair is on point!”


Apparently posing with things in my hands was very important.”


age10My Hair, A History

“This was for my tenth birthday and I thought I was the coolest cat in school. Mam spent all morning braiding my hair, then carefully placing plastic butterfly clips…”

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11 Instagram accounts that bring me utter joy!

My friends welcome to Tuesday blogs, which will be less heavy in subject matter and therefore hopefully more fun! As you can see from the title I’m going to talk about my top eleven (yes eleven) favourite Instagram accounts that bring me pure and utter joy.

Maybe you’ll feel like following some in which case I will be very happy. (I’ll also link mine at the bottom, a sneaky / not so sneak self-promotion). These are in no particular order, so without further ado! Let’s begin.

  1. The Good Advice Cupcake

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed my love of The Good Advice Cupcake. You also might have seen my terrible attempt at emulating her on a balloon. She is sweet, zany, and oftentimes intense. She is a ray of sunshine on my feed and I look forward to her posts. I’ve often gone back through her page when I was feeling down and it cheered me up. Go get yourself some bliss.


  1. Gary Lestrange Photography

If you are into photography please go follow my friend. He’s got the most beautiful eye for detail. I couldn’t pick my favourite photo honestly so I just screenshotted some for you. The colour coupled with the vision in these is beyond words (which is saying a lot for me!). He somehow manages to capture the world anew. Giving you a story with one single photo, and reaching across the laws of physics so we can see the raw fact.



  1. Sarah Anderson Comics (AKA Sarah Scribbles)

This comic makes me laugh until I cannot speak. I then have to lean on a wall or a loved one for support. Her perspective on life is fascinating. My favourite comic by her is this one:


We relate Sarah. So. Hard.


  1. Brandon Calvillo

If you remember Vine (RIP Vine), then you might remember this guy. He makes short films on Youtube now which are very interesting. However, his utilization of the Instagram platform is compelling. He manages to tell funny stories, in just a few photographs with barely any words. Just the odd sign or name badge. I implore you to check it out. He’s also very astute. His view of the world, while cynical, is humorous.



  1. Safely Endangered

This one is in here for Le’Boo. Although I discovered this comic artist first, he has rapidly become one of his favourite Instagram accounts. With classic comics such as the one below (with my pitiful attempt on a balloon), who wouldn’t love Safely Endangered!? Please go check him out and give him a follow if you think he’s worth it. I honestly do!


  1. Graceful Embroidery

Another friend of mine I couldn’t pass the opportunity to promo. Her style is elegant (one might say Graceful?!) and her artistic talent is used to create works of art in embroidery. I received one of her hoops as a gift (see below, I love elephants) and it hangs on my wall above my desk bringing me joy every day. Go. Give. Her. A. Follow. Please.



  1. Yes I’m Hot In This

When I started my PhD in June 2016 I made a rake of new friends (Irish saying), and a lot of them are Muslim. This comic strip is not only hilarious but has actually taught me so much. It has saved me accidentally insulting them loads of times. If there is any chance that Yes I’m Hot In This is reading I want to offer my sincere gratitude for the knowledge and laughter you’ve given me. Something which is very hard to achieve concurrently and you do it masterfully.


You deserved that knowledge, you bigoted old lady! Go Huda! 😊


  1. That Bird Life

Those close to me will know that I have an utter obsession with birbs (birds). I love all kinds from crows to cockatiels, seagulls to parakeets. This account follows the daily life of Ollie, his owner, and his bird friend Louie. He is a very cheeky birb, and on occasion when he doesn’t get his way he will nip his owner’s ear. However he melts my heart because he’s recently learned to say “I love you.” If you like birbs and birb antics I recommend Oliver the green cheeked Parakeet.


What a cutie


  1. Googlyness

I have been known to stick googly eyes to things, much to the chagrin of my loved ones. Le’Boo is very patient with me. For his birthday I drew characters on many balloons and stuck googly eyes to them. He couldn’t resist sharing and the result was the discovery of this account googlyness. He takes it to a whole ‘nother level! Look:


I feel like he’s mocking me…


  1. Stop Clickbait

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Clickbait articles are becoming more and more infuriating. This Instagram account has got your back!



  1. Tiny Snek Comics

No, I haven’t misspelled snake. This is Tiny Snek. He is a wonderful, miniature, slithery, surrealist friend. He has been my friend for years now, and I squeak at the cutesiness of his comics every time. Here is just a sample (Aside my terrible attempt…).

*Yawning with no arms* I am dying… 😀          


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