Things I accomplished that I never thought I would…


Welcome my Moonlings to a positive post in which I make you feel better, while also humbly (nose snort) boasting about my accomplishments.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while (says every blogger ever). Since January I’ve been writing down 3 things a day that I’m grateful for. Whether that’s having a beer or a lie in. Being grateful for the little moments helped me realise that actually, they are big moments.

My mindset is now that I have the privilege of having a lie-in, the money to afford a beer and the means to be in a PhD programme. I don’t want to take my life for granted and living in the moment is all we have.


It would appear that this mindset has paid off because I realised that even though I’ve accomplished many things off my bucket list, I never truly celebrated them. As usual my ambition and inferiority complex meant I just needed to move onto the next big thing.

We spend so much of our time looking to the future, the next big life stage, but we rarely take the time to appreciate how far we’ve come. So today I want to discuss some of the bigger ones I’ve ticked off my list and actually pat myself on the back for once!

The Accomplishments

1. Got my masters.

Although I had to do it over two years instead of one, I still managed to get a masters in anthropology and development. This was while working in shift work, full-time, in order to pay for it.

Thinking Moon
Thinking Moon

I even won an award for my research and 250euro (see below). I was the only masters student in the PhD Colloquium in which I came second. I got a first(1.1) in my thesis that I wrote in the summer while working full-time in a call centre. That job drained me so much, I often got home at 6 and had to go to bed at 8pm because I was so mentally exhausted.


2. Got a funded PhD

It was September 2014 and I had just started the second year of my classes for my masters in anthropology and development. A PhD student came to sit in the class (it was a small class so you couldn’t miss her). She spoke so eloquently and confidently. Afterwards, we got to chatting and internally I was thinking, “I will never be this accomplished for someone to take me on for a PhD.”

Cut to 2016 I get a mysterious phone call from a man who became my mentor, friend and role model. “I see you started to fill out an application and you haven’t finished it…” (story of my life) “…I’m really impressed with your portfolio and I would like to offer you a PhD scholarship within the Business Management school.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.47.09
Me going to a gala dinner at Nicholas’s Palace in St Petersburg after the conference.

I am now three years in with one left to go. I have two publications, I presented at a conference in St. Petersburg, and I’m about to embark on my data collection.

3. Got response from publishers.

This may seem silly but I got actual responses from legitimate publishers who liked my 20,000 word draft of my novel. I didn’t want to waste my time finishing it if it wouldn’t have a home at the end. Though it was rejected by some publishers, they responded to it kindly and professionally.

Even though I had to postpone it until after my PhD, I know within my heart that my book will be published someday. If I could tell teenage Jaycee that, she would cry with joy.

See below my vision board I made below Christmas 2018 for the new year and beyond. I’m well on my way to accomplishing what I wanted.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.23.16
Vision Board

4. Met someone who loves me for ME.

Look at this handsome divil. Honestly, I had tumultuously loves before Le’Boo and that’s what I thought a relationship was. Then I met him and I realised that love can be easy, and you can be loved for every single weird part of you.

Thinking Moon
Thinking Moon

5. Started a Youtube channel.

Yes, I have a YouTube channel have you heard? I’ve been watching YouTubers for years now, and I always wanted my own channel but never have the guts.

Cut to last year I was sick of being afraid and I started uploading. I only have 94 subscribers over there, but it’s growing strong. If you want to do something. Do it. There is no better time than now.

It’s better to start late than never even trying.

6. Grew my twitter following to 4500.

The Writing Community on twitter is the best thing I discovered on the internet since memes. Everyone is so supportive. We follow each other, share each other’s accomplishments and commiserate each other’s failures.

If you’re on Twitter and you want to join use the hashtag WritingCommunity and join in the conversation. Follow me over there and once you have writer / author in your bio I’ll follow you back.

7. Starting a successful blog.

What makes a successful blog? It’s simple. Whether you have 1 follower, or you’re lucky like me to have over 600 wonderful followers, write to them. Someone will comment to say they enjoyed reading or felt the same at one stage. I’ve gotten some gorgeous comments here on my blog and made some crazy friends.

Thinking Moon
Jaycee, the face of Thinking Moon

8. Finally calling myself a writer.

Yes even though I’ve been writing since I was a small child, I never considered myself a writer. Then I realised. Do you write Jaycee? The answer was yes, I write every day. What is the definition of a writer?

Thinking Moon
Thinking Moon


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Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” – Benjamin Franklin

Sustainability: Half Year Update



Hello Moonlings! It’s that time of year where we thank the zero-waste / sustainability gods for alternatives to single-use items, animal products and fashions.

This is my second year setting sustainable goals for myself. It makes it much easier for me than trying to take on everything. Usually, people give up because it’s all just a little bit too stressful and seemingly expensive.

Thats a theme I would like to keep mentioning throughout today’s post. It’s important to highlight that being zero-waste (or more waste conscious) and making sustainable choices aren’t as expensive than you think.

In fact, you may end up saving yourself some cash, so let’s get into it!


As you know from my goals for 2019 I have given up beef forever. My honest opinion is I really don’t miss it. Now I understand that’s not going to be the same for everyone but If I crave a burger I can eat a Linda McCartney or a generic veggie burger. I don’t miss it and I was a big fan of steak beforehand.

So let’s talk my pocket. Beef by far is more expensive than plant-based alternatives. You can get a tin of beans for around 70cent (Ireland) per can but non-lean mince is around 4euro.

Healthwise, we could all do with eating less beef. If you’re too much of a fan to give it up forever eat half as much. Remember your heart will thank you for the plant alternatives and veggie nutrients.

Finally, CO2 emissions on beef versus animal products speak for themselves. Ireland is trying to reduce the CO2 emissions related to beef and we can all get involved.


My second goal of being pescatarian has gone better than I expected. I’ve actually stopped eating all meats during the week, including fish. I’ve replaced it mostly with beans, but I’m not opposed to meat replacements such as the aforementioned Linda McCartney burgers, or Quorn (which is not vegan but I’m getting there).

Again it’s forced me to try new foods such as lentils (yes I hadn’t eaten them before this year), mushroom-based meat substitutes and nutritional yeast.

It has saved me money overall, and I’ve learned to make delicious vegan meals thanks to Madeleine Olivia! Seriously if you are interested in low-waste, minimalism, veganism, anything like that, you need to check out Maddie.


It was a little more difficult to kick the habit of going to Penneys for cheap clothes. We all want both the dopamine rush of buying clothes and the convenience of low-cost fashion. However, I have a wonderful sister-in-law who showed me what an ethical company really looks like, and I’m afraid to say Penney’s is not one of them. She introduced me to many brands such as Lucy and Yak (featured in my photos for this post), Pozu and Passenger.


How cute are these cappuccino coloured dungarees (with so many pockets!). Ethically produced and made with 100% cotton. They sell unisex clothing so head over and check out their stock. I’m dying for a pair of their pastel yellow pants:

Lucy & Yak
Lucy & Yak


Tara Button’s book “A Life Less Throwaway” spawned this popular post that many of you seemed to enjoy. In it, I talk about the importance of our relationships and inner peace.

Look out for more I have many planned for the coming months. I couldn’t recommend this book more, I’m not finished (strange for me but it’s been crazy in my life), but if you’re into things that last, look no further.


This is still a disaster. I really need to get my act together, but honestly, with my hair type, it’s so difficult to find shampoo bars that work. At the moment I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, so shampoo/conditioner lasts me for ages. The bottles are plastic, but you can recycle them.

In more successful news my sister-in-law(she really is the OG) introduced me to this amazing deodorant bar. I’ve used Salt of The Earth for a long time which is great (and sensitive-skin friendly) but it needs to be applied to wet skin, or be wet itself which is not always ideal. This Deo-Bar can be applied to dry skin. It smells absolutely amazing and works like a charm.


So I haven’t gotten the shampoo sorted but the deodorant has so even little bit makes a difference. I also got part of my head shaved so that’s less shampoo/conditioner! I’ve also given up dying my hair and I’m embracing the greys.



Now we move onto the reusable cutlery portion of the year. Sustainability and zero-waste can make you feel really bad about yourself. The odd time you use a plastic fork you feel like you’ve murdered a sea turtle yourself.

Well, don’t worry there is this YouTube channel I love called The Financial Diet. Chelsea there made this wonderful video about minimalism, and how to save yourself money. Don’t worry about buying a whole bamboo set of kitchen-ware. You can use what you have.

It made me feel better because she’s coming at it from the point of view of your pocket. Minimalism, sustainability and zero-waste can work for you. Don’t let companies sell you something just because it’s made of bamboo!

That’s all for today lovelies. Please go check out these other lovelies:

Lucy & Yak

Mullen Crafts (Sister-in-law).



Crystal Spring

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Past life: Finland circa 1100

Allwen of Finland. The beloved youngest daughter of a Lord in Finland, loves her country and its beauty is mirrored only by her own face. She is in love with a local nobleman’s son, and they plan to wed in the Spring when the weather warms.

Allwen begins to feel poorly. Her skin turns pale and grey. Her beautiful hair of sunshine becomes dry and falls out in clumps. Her mother stays by her bedside until she recovers, but it takes many months.

Past Life
Past Life

During her illness, Allwen worries her betrothed will forget her, or worse, no longer want to marry her now her beauty was failing. He had not visited in recent months the thoughts of it consumes Allwen as much as the illness.

Finally, she is well enough, so she wraps her head in silk. She applies cosmetics to cover her grey skin and sunken eyes. Her betrothed is invited to visit with her in her favourite tea parlour in her Lord’s keep.

She sits and waits by a fire, the only thing keeping the cold out. Deep winter is upon them and the days are short. Her love arrives and she notes his strange behaviour. His normally jovial nature is muted, he smiles not once, and barely looks into her eyes.

All she’d feared is coming to pass. Her beauty is gone. He no longer wants her. She presses him and he finally blurts out, “I am sorry my Lady I can no longer marry you, I hope you can forgive me.”

He leaps up, bows his head, and is gone. Allwen does not cry, her eyes already ache from her long illness. She rises and slowly climbs the stairs to her tower room.


Past Life
Past Life

Her father finds her staring out her window at the beautiful landscape which surrounds his keep. “Our country is so beautiful father, it soothes me, even in my illness.”

He sits beside her. “He will not marry you.” Not a question, just a statement. “No father. I’ve lost my beauty and I’m no longer worthy of him.” A single tear rolls down her cheek as dying light rests on her face.

Your beauty will return to you once your strength returns my darling daughter.” He takes her hand, but her eyes never leave the window. “The King has honoured me, child. He is sending me to rule the land of Denmark in his stead which he has recently conquered…

I require a new bride as your mother is too old to produce an heir, so we have decided I will take you as my bride. You are to be the Princess of Denmark darling Allwen.” Allwen stares at him in disbelief. “Mama is ok with this?

Yes she knows and approves. We leave tonight, please prepare yourself I’ll send your servants to you so you may pack your belongings. I’ll await you after sunset in the carriage.” He kisses his daughter’s lips and leaves her to prepare for the journey.

Allwen is torn, disgusted by her father. Despondent that her mother would bless such a union and allow her to be taken away. With her love taken from her and the prospect of leaving her beloved Finland Allwen now openly weeps.

She makes her way to her chambers main door and locks it. She walks to her wardrobe and selects her favourite white and blue gown, kept for special occasions. She prepares her hair and writes a simple note explaining that nothing awaits her outside the borders of her beloved Finland.

She opens her balcony door and walks out into the bitter evening air. The sun has already set below the flat plains and night is upon her. She was born here. So she will die here.

She climbs up on the stone, takes a final deep breath, and jumps.

Her mother’s screams rings in the frozen grassland at the sight of her dead daughter, sprawled in the garden, at the rear of the keep.


Past Life
Past Life

Allwen’s beloved stalks through the sheets of snow, passing the keep Allwen called her home, tears streaming down his face. He is drunk and slips on the icy paths, knocking his head off the ground.

He comes too, and sees Allwen before him, dressed in her white and blue gown. Distressed she asks. “Why didn’t you love me? I loved you deeply and I would have been a good wife. You broke my heart. I had nothing left to live for.”

Scrambling to his feet he sobs, “Allwen. Allwen. I was a coward. Your father threatened me, said he would ruin our family if I didn’t break off our engagement. I love you, regardless of your illness. I feared for your life. When you recovered I was overjoyed, I believe we could still marry, but your father…

Between sobs he reaches for Allwen, but she was nothing more than a shadow.

Her mother sits in her chamber, as she had in the days since her daughter’s death. It is cold, the fire has gone out. She hadn’t troubled the servants to relight it. Her breath hangs in the air, her cheeks slowly turn blue from the chill.

She has no care for the cold. Her beloved daughter is dead, having killed herself. God would not allow her into heaven, and she would be alone forever. Even in her own death, she would never see her daughter again.

Mama?” The older Lady rouses at the sound, Allwen’s voice vibrates in the cold dark room. Her eyes focus on the apparition of her daughter, silver and beautiful in her melancholy. “Allwen? Allwen?” She tries to stand but she is weak with grief and the chill. “Mama, I’m so sorry I left you, I wish I hadn’t. Father demanded that my beloved should not marry me, why would he do such a thing!?”

Her mother’s eyes are wide with fright. “Allwen, he didn’t approve of the match. He poisoned you so you would become ill and lose your beauty in hopes your suitor would be put off, but it didn’t work. He became more fervent in his devotion, even when your hair fell out, your cheeks lost their robustness and your eyes their lustre.”

Allwen wails. “Why would you let him mother? Why would you abandon me? So he could take me to Denmark and make me his new wife, so I could give him an heir? Where is his Princess now!?” Allwen sees the genuine shock on her mother’s face and realises the truth now. Her mother knew nothing of this plot.

“Your father told you this? It is untrue, I would never agree to that.” She finally rises from her chair. “Now I understand his true purpose for chasing your suitor away. He always showed too much interest in you but I thought it was the interest of a devoted father. Wait for me Allwen, I will be with you soon.”

The Lady acquires the poison from the cabinet of the keep’s healer. She makes her way to her Lord’s chamber and knocks. He bade her enter. She walks to his drinks cabinet and stealthily laces two glasses of lakka with the poison.

She offers one to her Lord and says. “Here is to our beautiful daughter, I pray to God that someday we can be together again.” They both drink deep and the Lord tastes the poison, but it is too late. His face betrays his folly, but his wife offers no comfort. “I will join our daughter in oblivion so she will no longer be alone. You, however, will go to hell, where it is colder than the coldest winter here, and freeze for the remainder of eternity.

They die.

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Moon Interviews: Sara Ryan


After the success of her debut single ‘Belle,‘ County Kildare born Ryan busied herself preparing and releasing her now award-winning EP ‘Glitter Skies.‘ This year Ryan’s crowd-funded debut album is due for release in May. I caught up with her just before the release of the single ‘Rise Up,’ featuring Steo Wall.

Sara Ryan - Musician
Sara Ryan – Musician

1. Who or what was your earliest musical inspiration, that piqued your interest?

A lot of things inspired me growing up. I was a big thinker, I always have been, my Da said to me one day to write it all down. I have always loved to sing and I remember one day realizing I could combine singing and writing together to create a song, and this blew my mind. I started to do this from a very early age and have been doing this ever since. It’s my expression. One of the other main inspirations was being in such a musical town. I grew up in Newbridge, Co. Kildare in my early years and within the town there were so many musical opportunities as a child. This was hugely inspiring as I was absorbed in so many different styles of music. I grew up listening to his Christy Moore and Luka Bloom CD’s at home in Newbridge. I used to sing along to their songs and work out the chords on the guitar, this inspired me with writing my own songs. I have always been so passionate about singing and I sang anywhere I could when I was young, in musical theatre shows, trad groups, and choirs.

 2. What was the driving force behind this album?

Recording an album has always been a dream, and I am so over the moon to be doing this. It genuinely feels like a dream come true. Writing songs for me has always been about expression, but songwriting and singing is also about connection. Music is all about connecting and music has always made me feel as if I wasn’t alone. In writing songs, my goal is to be that vessel for people who listen to my songs. I write about the deepest darkest parts of myself and the most euphoric and vibrant parts of myself. Everyone has darkness and light and that’s the beauty of music, if it’s relatable, that’s what it’s all about. I love so many different kinds of music. My influences derive from different styles, folk, blues, soul, and country. This album is a combination of all of these styles. I’ve had the pleasure of working with outstanding musicians. It was brilliant to be a studio where myself and the band could be wonderfully creative through the whole process.

3. What has the music taught you during the creative process of your upcoming album?

The music has taught me that every song has a voice. I would even go as far to say, each lyric has its own sound. It’s vital for me to have the lyric of each song conveyed musical in a way that highlights the lyric and message of the song, this is the core of every song. Each sound created, each beat, each melody, etc. are all created to help the lyric come to life.

4. Were you influenced by anything or anyone during the writing process?

Throughout the writing process I was listening to a lot of Rhiannon Giddens, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt, Erykah Badu, Damien Dempsey and Gillian Welch. Each of these artists stylistically add something so unique and authentic. Rhiannon Giddens isn’t afraid to write about real and raw issues of history and of today’s world. Robert Plant’s arrangements of songs are so tribal and hypnotic. Bonnie Raitt is immersed in blues and passion. Erykah Badu’s tone is by far my favourite style of singing to listen to, so smooth and soulful. Damien Dempsey, much like Rhiannon is unafraid to write about the subjects that everyone else is afraid to say, his music is only thing that truly helps me through my dark days. Gillian Welch has sheer and utter craft in everything she does from writing, guitar playing to sing and accompanied by David Rawlings who responds to each lyric that she sings, how beautiful. So each of these artists really influenced the sound that I wanted to create for this album and the way I wrote. I chose to let me my walls down and write about what it feels like to live in the Ireland of today at 23.

5. What are your main desires to write music?

My main desire to write music is just purely because I love it, with every fiber of my being. It’s my calling and my purpose. It is release, expression, creativity and it takes me to another realm which allows me to escape while also delving into each part of myself, my reality and my experiences. I also just adore melody and exploring new melodies through singing. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Sara Ryan - Musician
Sara Ryan – Musician

6. How would you describe the music scene in your city & how important was it in terms of writing your album?

The music scene in Cork City is pretty amazing. Every night of the week there is music on, in a variety of different styles – blues, folk, jazz soul, country, funk. Ever since I moved to Cork I’ve been trying to take it all in. It’s very inspiring being surrounded by musicians who share the same passion. It’s a very supportive city and everyone just loves what they do and support each other. My second home is Ennistymon, Co. Clare, and Clare has blown my mind. The music scene in Clare is extremely spiritual. Everyone is so open to every style of music and the sessions are free for anyone to play along with the other musicians performing. From spending time in Clare I’ve had the opportunity to perform my songs with trad musicians in the area which gave my songs a whole new lease of life. Between Cork and Clare, I’m very lucky to experience such a welcoming and influential music scenes.

7. Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?

Lately it’s, ‘Soft Rain’, by Damien Dempsey. This song is spoken word and music. It’s gentle and vulnerable and it transports me to a peaceful place.

Sara Ryan - Musician
Sara Ryan – Musician

8. What’s the best compliment you’ve received regarding your music?

A very close friend said to me once, it seems like I’ve been here before and that my lyrics are on the same level as Joni Mitchell. I nearly fell off my chair to receive such a compliment, I couldn’t believe it.

9. Will we get any music videos for this upcoming release?

Yes! Myself and Steo Wall are releasing ‘Rise Up’, the first track from my Debut Album, and we are so excited to share the song and video with the world.

10. What song of yours is your favourite and why?

At the moment my favourite is probably, ‘Breathe’. It’s really fun to sing with the band and solo, and it also holds a special place in my heart.

11. Who would your dream collaboration be with living or dead?

My dream collaboration would be to sing with Joni Mitchell.

12. Would you like to say to anything to your fans?

Thank you, with all of my heart and soul for your support, kindness and belief in me. It fills my heart with so much love that people listen to my music and support me and my songs. It really means the world to me. I am so eternally grateful that you listen to me songs and my stories and I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon. Loads of love to yee Xxxx

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Ryan’s single with Steo WallRise Up,’ is available now.

Facebook – @sararyanmusic

Instagram – @sararyanmusic

Messages #17: Mental Health Issues

Depression & Anxiety

For those of you out there that clicked on this because you relate to having mental health issues, I’m so sorry. If you are just curious and maybe want to learn more, you are still welcome here. I will just warn you though, this won’t be a particularly fun post.

When I was originally diagnosed with anxiety & depression, my counsellor told me, “You will get better at managing it, but it will never really go away.” Instead of taking this as a cautionary tale, I jumped back into work. Then slowly, but surely, I slipped into my old bad habits.

What are these bad habits? In a nutshell, I overwork myself. I’m so afraid that any opportunity I get will never come around again, so instead of thinking it through I just say yes to everything. I don’t think about what I already have, I focus on what I still need to do. Which is my bucket list, the arbitrary list of things I want to do before I die.

No one is watching me, or evaluating me. If I don’t get through the list nothing bad will happen, there is no finish line or prise. Yet my ambitious doesn’t just rule me, it screams at me.

My sleep has been destroyed as a result. I lay in bed planning to perfection how I’m going to fit it all in, then have panic attacks in the dark. My body is sore and tired, and it needs a break.

Depression & Anxiety
Depression & Anxiety

Thinking Moon

I’m here today to tell you that will be slowing down for a while. I bit off more of the Moon than I could chew and sent my anxiety into overload.

My priority is and always has been my PhD, but lately, I’ve been overextending myself. Taking extra jobs to pay bills (proof reading), writing this blog, filming YouTube videos and spending waaaaay too much time on Twitter.

I’m not going away completely but I will only be posting once a week, on my original day, which is Friday.

When I feel better and more grounded I will post some extra days again. When the mood strikes or inspiration cannot wait, but this will not be permanent. Not until at least next July 2020.

In the meantime, please use me as your cautionary tale if you are struggling. Your health is more important than anything else. Go rest, then reevaluate. What is important to you?

Thank you all for reading,

Depression & Anxiety
Depression & Anxiety

I wish you all love & peace.

Jaycee. xxx







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Indie Sundays: Dada Moon’s Birthday!


It’s Dada Moon’s birthday today! Let’s wish him a very happy 62nd birthday. You’re at level 62 now Dad, fair play to you. Pun entirely intended because my father is like a child when it comes to video games. Even before we were born, he loved video games. My mother got him an Atari the first Christmas they were married.

He passed his love of games onto his children, and we’ve not stopped since. Although we all have access to gaming computers, PS4’s and Xbox One’s, I can’t help but yearn for the time when games were 2 dimensional! Oh nosalgia, you cruel mistress, why must you give me these feelings?

Our father had an old dos run computer for many years until he finally got his hands on one that could run windows(computers were expensive in the 90s no judgement!). So he did what any reasonable father would do, he set up the old computer for his children with a rake of old dos games on it.

So I thought as a thank you to him, we would look back at 6.2 of the games myself and my brother played on rainy (and not so rainy) days. Hey, listen we turned out just fine!

The Games

1. Alley Cat

Old 2D Platform Games
Alley Cat

Exactly what is says on the tin. You were a little black alley cat and your goal? You needed to eat, as we all do. However because you lived in an alley, and not a forest, the only food you could come by, were people’s pets. So you would climb up on the fence and jump into people’s windows (you little rascal you!!) and try and eat their budgies, fish and other pets.

However, it was not all as easy as that. Many of the houses had guard dogs, and you needed to be as quiet as possible to get around them, or you yourself, would become the food.

Old Dos Video Games
Alley Cat

2. Commander Keen

Commander Keen
Commander Keen

Myself and my brother adore Commander Keen to this day. I’m not so sure what was so particularly special about it, but we loved it none-the-less. We played Keen 1 – 3 which had graphics like the gif above. Then when 4 – 6 came out we played those.

Commander Keen was an extremely intelligent young lad, who snuck away from his babysitter one night to go save the galaxy from impending doom. Sure how could you not love him and his pogo-sticking ways?

Commander Keen
Commander Keen

3. Joust


What a wonderfully simple yet crazy game this was. All while on the back of an ostrich you would ‘joust’ with your opponent (player 2). In the meantime, there were other birds and pterodactyls trying to push you into lava. Maybe this game is where I get my terrific fear of lava? Perhaps we will never know!

4. Lemmings


The need was too great to include the gif with John Travolta in it. Sorry too funny. This game was both entertaining and good for the brain as it made you engage your problem-solving areas to help save your fellow lemmings. Otherwise, they would keep walking after their fellows and meet certain doom.

5. Dangerous Dave In The Haunted Mansion

Dangerous Dave.gif
Dangerous Dave

I’m guessing from my adult attempt at this game that dangerous Dave was investigating the mansions to gather up some trinkets to sell on the black market. Armed with a double barrel shotgun(my favourite weapon in any dame), and a red baseball cap, Dave wanders on into the haunted mansion. Inside you face Frankenstein-esque monsters and Renfield knife-wielding lunatics.

You have infinite bullets but you do need to reload once in a while, and in order to do that, you need to stand perfectly still.

6.2 Hocus Pocus

Old Dos Video Games
Hocus Pocus

Who doesn’t love to play a game where you are a wizard trying to each your wizard strips while performing the many tasks required? You shoot lighting out of your hands to defend yourself against the lizards, mushrooms and flying devils. A game for the ages.

Did you like this list? Might do more in the future, and let me know did any of you play these games in the 90’s?

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Moon Interview: Lee Hall

Author – Lee Hall



Guys! I finally interviewed our fellow blogger brethren Lee Hall. I have wanted to do this for a while, and I finally got my shit together.

I’ve reviewed 2 of his 4 books previously which you can find here, and there will be a review for my 500th follower special! So keep your eyeballs peeled for that!

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Facebook, and his awesome blog Lee’s Hall of Information, which let’s be honest, is a great name for a blog!

So without further ado!

Lee Hall

Q1. You say you’re a rock and roll man. Tell us about the rock and rollers that inspired you to create.

Well, music is a huge part of my life, rock music is just one of the many genres I listen to. My number one go-to band is the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl is not only a musician but a craftsman and pretty much the spirit animal of rock and roll, man.

Guns n’ Roses were a huge influence when I was younger along with Green Day, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, The Goo Goo dolls and The Offspring but you’ll find a huge array of other stuff on my playlists like Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Pink, Meatloaf, Daughtry, Take That and the Zac Brown Band.

I near enough drive every day so that gives me a bunch of time to not only listen but to think about how the hell I’m going to write myself out of the next story I’ve got myself in. Sometimes to do that I need some serious tunes.   

Q2. If you could write a book with anyone, in the fashion of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens,” for example, who would be your top choice?

Without doubt my choice would be Stephen King who is most probably the greatest American storyteller of a generation. I think our genres match and he would do the depraved horror stuff while I do the characters.

Q3. Can you remember the first time you tried to spin a yarn? If you can what was it about?

Way back when I’ll happily admit the kid version of me was a pathological liar. I still suffer from exaggeration syndrome (I mean who doesn’t spice up a story?). My lying days are very much over though and didn’t last that long, my old man pulled me to one side and told me that pretty epic story about the wolf and the lying phase was over… My efforts for that sort of thing are now channeled into creating stories.

Lee Hall

Q4. What are your main motivations to write?

My top motivation is the desire to immerse others into stories like I have been immersed. That sounds kind of vague or deep, but there are books out there that have a way of totally immersing a reader to a point where they forget everything surrounding them, it’s sort of a floating feeling, I’ve only had such feeling on a few occasions, that feeling is what I chase when writing.

Q5. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received in regards to your work?

Earlier this year the pantomime play I wrote received a standing ovation after one of the performances. That was a quite a moment, for a little while it was as if somebody was cutting onions nearby because my eyes were watering.

The best compliments I have received (for my books) are in the form of some pretty epic reviews, a couple which you have left!

Q6. Which character is your favourite to write from any of your books?

My books have a tendency to make supporting characters seem better than the main characters. This is apparent in both Open Evening and Darke Blood so I shall have to provide you with two characters.

Twister and Caitlyn; both of which carry the ‘badass trait’ along with having an interesting history. It sure would be awesome if these two characters met… truth is they will, in the Darke Blood sequel! I shall say no more…

Q7. What do you feel is your primary goal in life?

Life goals tend to evolve and change with the person. Right now for me it’s to tell stories and get better at it. Where it will lead is up to luck, fate and how hard one works.

Lee Hall
Lee Hall

Q8. You are a well-established blogger, what was your reasoning for sharing your thoughts through this medium?

Well thank you. Blogging is a great way of speaking without being interrupted, it is also a great way to gain more attention, followers and a readership. You also get to meet some likeminded fellow bloggers and learn from them.

Some years ago, when I decided to take this stuff seriously I read a self-help book which had some great advice about getting published and building a following by starting a blog. So that’s where it began.

 Successful blogging is an art form and to write something with broad appeal, takes time to master; something I am learning constantly.

Q9. Who are your favourite authors to read, and do you have a favourite book?

My mount Rushmore of authors consists of Arthur Conan Doyle, Michael Crichton, Stephen King and Joss Whedon (he technically isn’t an author but his writing has shaped mine).

And as for favorite book; The Lost World by Conan Doyle and where I first had my real immersive experience.


Q10. Your work is very character orientated which makes for good reading. What kind of characters are the most entertaining to read? How do you make a publish-worthy character?

I enjoy a character that develops during the course of a story; I think it’s important to convey the fact that first impressions aren’t everything and the story itself has an effect on every character. The perceived coward becoming the unsung hero is a trope that draws me in. I also have a lot of time for the ordinary person who stands for something extra ordinary.

I find some of my characters by giving them a basis that is taken from a real person; whether that be myself in part or someone I have known or know. Even if it is something as a behavioral trait that I have adapted or what someone has said to me in the past; in essence that’s what makes them real just with the fictional volume turned all the way up and the name changed (that’s important, especially to avoid lawsuits).

Kurt Wiseman (The Teleporter) is probably the closest persona to my own I have ever created but I don’t need a super power to learn what responsibility of power is. And I know when to stop with the booze, most of the time, but in between tequila’s is where my downfall emerges.

Q11. What is your strangest writing quirk?

My strangest writing quirk would be that I very rarely plan what I write. There are writers out there who lay out chapters with spreadsheets and tables, for me that’s way too rigid and constricting. Most readers will want to take on a story for the fact they don’t know where it will go, I like to do that with the writing process also.

I will normally have a few core characters, a story concept, setting and probably the finish. I didn’t even have that (a finish) for Darke Blood hence the struggle to draft it but some argue its my best work.

A true creative writer will be able to take a basic concept, some characters and ride the words to find the rest. That process hasn’t let me down yet. 

Q12. What is the best advice you can give to unpublished authors?

If you really want this then put in the time and know that you will have homework for the rest of your life (but that’s a good thing right?). Busy people get things done!

When I first started taking this whole deal seriously I would come home from work at around 4:30pm and write every weekday evening until 9:30pm. I clocked up some serious hours and words, pretty much destroying my laptop’s keyboard. To begin with I would produce probably 30 minutes worth of good readable stuff in that time . That was six years ago. And now when I write for 30 minutes, I get 30 minutes worth of good readable stuff. That leaves a whole lot more time to read which is just as important to writing.

Study the stories you love whether its books, cinema or television. Tap into why you love them and channel that into your own work.

Writing is a craft that cannot be taught. However you can be taught language, plot, theme, punctuation, spelling and grammar, but nobody can teach someone else to write, that is something you must find within yourself. And you can only find that by writing.


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Goodreads – Lee Hall

Message #16: 500th follower special update!


Maith an Lá Moonlings, how are you feeling this fine Thursday? Or perhaps it is not Thursday with you and you don’t follow the Gregorian calendar. Either way, haaaaayyyyyyy.

So I am working on my 500th follower special and I realised it will not be ready for a while. I hope this is ok with you all, and I decided to give it an extra special debut.

It will be coming out on Star Wars day which is also the birthday of yours truly! Scribble a note for yourself on May 4th and remember, the hype is real!

If you have anything to say or anything you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments below!


Who will be Featured?

  1. Lee Hall! From Lee’s Hall of information.
  2. _PritAmDas_ From I Live In Fantasy.
  3. John From The Eclectic Contrarian.
  4. Jeremy James from Jeremy in Hong Kong.
  5. Megan from A Geeky Gal.
  6. Michael Jordahl from Michael Jordahl.
  7. Sheree from View From The Back.
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  9. Nicole from Mullen Crafts.
  10. Blackwings666 from Blackwings666.


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“A Life Less Throwaway…” Part I

Author – Tara Button


*This is not a review, not yet anyway*

There is a book I’m carefully reading this month called “A Life Less Throwaway,” by a lady called Tara Button. I included it in my 2019 sustainability goals which you can read about here. So far I’m really enjoying it and I plan on reviewing it completely once I’ve finished it.

In the meantime, Button offers wonderful exercises at the end of each chapter, and I thought why not share some with my Moonlings? The first one is very introspective, you write an email to yourself. The topic? The importance of non-material things.

The best things in life, aren’t things.” Art Buchwald.

Now while I wouldn’t go full on Madonna and call myself a material girl, I do like things. Especially now that I’m writing a gratitude list every morning for 3 things I’m grateful for whether they are material or not. I find this helps me appreciate the things I already have and curb superfluous spending.

This opportunity awakened something in me, and rather than email it to myself, I thought I’d share, so here goes.

Dear Jaycee

Warmth and family is not a place. It isn’t four walls, windows and doors. It’s not the couch or the kitchen table, or the framed newspaper cut out of Michael Collins. Neither the ceramic bulldog in the porch or the hum of the computers. It isn’t between the books on your shelves or the clothes in your wardrobe.

It’s your mother’s hug in the morning when you come downstairs for breakfast. It’s the sound of your father’s laments as he loses his video game. It’s your brother sending you funny memes because he wants to share his laughter with you. Sharing with another makes it better, more real, even funnier. It’s the sleep talk of Le’Boo when he is deep in his REM and asks you “terra forma?” (When did he learn Latin?)

It’s the chorus of birds in the morning when you awake again. You remind yourself to be grateful. For a long time, a mantra you repeated to yourself, as you awoke to go to a job you hated was, “I’m awake but I’m not happy about it.” Almost like a joke, you told yourself, but in reality, that was wrong. Even though the job was awful, getting to wake up again was not.

It’s the love in your heart and soul when you make a darling laugh. The gratitude you feel when someone cooks you a meal. The joy of a family gathering, and the sorrow of a loved one passing. When we are old and dying we will not hold onto things. Not the brass doorknob we polished relentlessly, the extra hours put in at work for no extra pay or even the money in your account

It’s the memories, thank you all, for the memories. For the joy of now, and the promise of tomorrow.

*I invite you all to do the same. You don’t have to blog about it if you are too uncomfortable, but you can send yourself an email! If you do try it tag myself and Tara Button in it on Twitter!*

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A Life Less Throwaway - Tara Button
A Life Less Throwaway – Tara Button

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