A letter to my mentor who passed away…

The Letter

Dear Amr,

It has been many busy days since I found out that you’re gone. I tried to write this letter when I first heard, but my heart hurt too much.

We are told when we meet certain people, to hold onto them for dear life. Yet what do we do when they are taken from us?

We go on without them, our worlds a little darker, but our lives enriched. When a light goes off in this world, it turns on in another.

It has been nearly three years since we met, and my progress under your guidance is palpable to everyone who knows me.

Although to most you may have appeared to ‘just’ be our supervisor, you were so much more to us.

Before I met you I never truly understood what a mentor was. Although I had been offered help or guidance in the past, no one matched the heights of your kindness. Having taken me under your wing, I grew beyond what I ever believed I could. You saw through ego, to the potential beneath, and there is no greater gift you could have given me.

Mentor, friend, you were our Father, a giant. Your intelligence stunned us all, and although you believed in me, I partly felt like there had been some mistake. I was an imposter in your shadow of brilliance.

My grief at your loss is thick and confounding.

Thank you for your grace, your patience and the memory of your smile. The ripples you cast into the universe will never cease, and your kindness lives on in us who are still here.

Your faithful but heartbroken friend,


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  1. Life has a way of taking those who mean the most away from us. It’s brutal and one of those parts of growing up that truly is unfair. Good people sometimes dont always stay in our lives and this is ever so brave of you to share. Even though many of us are on the other side of a keyboard, we are here for you! Losing someone who shaped you in such a way doesn’t mean they are gone, their influence lives on in you.

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