10 Random Facts About Me. Part II


Soooooooooo I should have posted a 500 follower special here but I didn’t. Why? Likely because of the kind of human being I am. I also filmed the below video in April of this year, yet it’s only been edited and uploaded this week.

Why is this? Please Moonlings, no more questions I am simply too inconsistent to explain myself. I’ve written a post like this before, and that can be found here.

10 Random Facts About Me!

The facts are stated below without fanfare or pageantry. However, if you are interested in learning more about said facts then you will need to watch the video my dear moonlings.

  1. I love baking!
  2. I keep growing my hair long then cutting it short.
  3. Diagnosed with depression & anxiety 3 years ago.
  4. I’ve always wanted to be bilingual. (Beyond speaking Irish and English).
  5. I play a couple of musical instruments.
  6. I love YouTube!
  7. I’m obsessed with mental coloured lipsticks. (I love colours).
  8. I’m very into the Zero Waste lifestyle, sustainability and alternative food sources.
  9. I’m a trained Anthropologist.
  10. I’m enjoying getting older.


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31 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me. Part II

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              1. That’s crazy! Because my people seem to be word people. And heaven help us, we have a great majority of the alphabet in our names….

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                    1. Well… except for walking up to random people and trying to carry on a conversation… but only I’m weird enough to try it lol!

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                    2. Well that’s awesome! I’m not trying to.. I actually enjoy our conversations. But it might happen eventually.. usually in the most innocent of comments lol.

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  1. I also am a big fan of Youtube. Right now I am obsessed with The Crazy Lamp lady. I know I am driving my family nuts watching it all the time, but I am having so much fun watching others shop for junk. Well, treasures to me but junk to my family. So cool that you play musical instruments, wish I could do that.

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  2. Lol I’m the same with my hair, I cant keep it long for long anymore. I’m itching to cut it again.
    And I’m sorry you’ve dealt with depression and anxiety, I also deal with it from time to time, but if you ever need someone to talk to or if you need to just vent, you can always send me a little email for more privacy 🤗🧡
    If you have posts on sustainability I’d love to read them because I’m trying to change up a few things. Some people in my family think that few things wont make a change but I think with more people participating we can and will* create a dynamic change for the better. After all, mother earth doesnt belong to us, it belongs to our children.
    And omg you got a YouTube channel! I’ll have to go follow you and show some support! 💛💛💛

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    1. We can be friends on YouTube!
      You are so kind if you ever need anything either I’m here too.
      Honestly it’s all about people trying their best and being aware about their choices. I have a whole section on the blog for sustainability. 🙂

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