Message #16: 500th follower special update!


Maith an Lá Moonlings, how are you feeling this fine Thursday? Or perhaps it is not Thursday with you and you don’t follow the Gregorian calendar. Either way, haaaaayyyyyyy.

So I am working on my 500th follower special and I realised it will not be ready for a while. I hope this is ok with you all, and I decided to give it an extra special debut.

It will be coming out on Star Wars day which is also the birthday of yours truly! Scribble a note for yourself on May 4th and remember, the hype is real!

If you have anything to say or anything you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments below!


Who will be Featured?

  1. Lee Hall! From Lee’s Hall of information.
  2. _PritAmDas_ From I Live In Fantasy.
  3. John From The Eclectic Contrarian.
  4. Jeremy James from Jeremy in Hong Kong.
  5. Megan from A Geeky Gal.
  6. Michael Jordahl from Michael Jordahl.
  7. Sheree from View From The Back.
  8. Sunilmdabral from Sunilmdabral.
  9. Nicole from Mullen Crafts.
  10. Blackwings666 from Blackwings666.


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30 thoughts on “Message #16: 500th follower special update!

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  2. Congratulations thinking 🌒. And I am happy that I am one of 500. You are one of the most kind hearted persons I have the honour to know here. Keep growing just don’t age. Be the same youthful person you always are.😊😊

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