100th Post for Thinking Moon! Look Book with Jeffree Star Cosmetics


My dear Moonlings, somehow I made it to 100 posts. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, thank you so much. I know recently indie royalty Lee Hall has published his 200th post and to him I say chapeau!

If you are new here, let me extend a warm welcome. We love to talk about the world, books, philosophy, and my hero Buffy Summers. Today I offer you a video I’ve been working on for several weeks now. It’s a look book centred around 4 Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s liquid lipsticks.

I explain all in the video below, but if that’s not your thing just have fun looking at the pretty pictures, we’re all friends here.

Look Book

So I love clothes, and makeup, I really do. It’s a form of artistic expression, and I can see how happy it makes people. In recent years I’ve become ever more environmentally aware, so I’m trying to buy things that are good for the environment, safe for animals, and ethically produced. Fast fashion is very dangerous not just to the environment, but for those forced to make the clothing in horrific conditions.

Thinking Moon Look Book
Thinking Moon Look Book

Therefore I endeavoured to create a look book with 4 Jeffree Star Liquid lipsticks. These are a wonderful product because they are vegan and not tested on animals. I’ve coupled them with clothing I’ve either had for a long time, thrifted, or got from ethical sources. I tried to let you know where possible I got certain items, but like I said most of them are from second-hand shops and even hand-me-downs from my family. (I love my dad’s old flannels and my brother’s old jeans).

Thinking Moon Look Book
Thinking Moon Look Book


This is the video, I spent many an hour on it for you guys and I really hope you like it. Let me know in the comments below if you’re interested, I’m thinking of making more of these and including Le’Boo, so make sure you’re subscribed so you get to see those videos in the future.


Jaycee xxx

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Book Review: Building 51 – Jennifer L. Place


Jennifer L. Place is a native of the Hudson Valley in New York. Her most recent book ‘Building 51‘, is based on a real abandoned asylum, in which the titled ‘Building 51″ is part of.

Building 51 - Jennifer L. Place
Building 51 – Jennifer L. Place

Having grown up in an area with this forgotten hospital Jennifer confesses she’s had an interest in it since childhood. It loomed in the background, and although she’d written 3 other successful books, the time came to invest in her curiosity.

She organised a tour of the sprawling campus and this shows throughout the book. Her knowledge of the grounds enhances the atmosphere of the novel. This is further boosted by accurate historical information displayed throughout. Evidence from the hospitals 140 years of life and beyond provides us with the chilling truth. Nothing that despicable ever dies.

Building 51 - Jennifer Place
Building 51 – Jennifer L. Place



If you are interested in learning more about the author herself, please feel free to head over to her website which can be found here.





The Review

As a lover of the horror genre, my initial approach to any novel within its scope is tentative. Unlike softer genres such as comedy or romance, when horror is bad, it’s awful. Therefore I was delighted to find that this story, while formulated in a classic Building 51 - Jennifer L. Placetrope, has new ideas and scares to offer. The opening shot sets group dynamics of 7 friends. They’re young, carefree, and mischievous, perfectly positioned for pain. Place jumps right into the guts of the matter as they plan to explore the abandoned hospital.

While you may make some predictions, you will not fully guess the ending. We are treated to complex character arcs, without an over indulgencing in flashbacks.  You can tell the author’s imagination is well-developed and her days pondering over the dilapidated hospital is apparent.

*Ahead there be spoilers!!!*

The ‘love’ triangle’ which plagues 3 of the characters adds to the story agreeably. I have often found this tool to be cumbersome, however, without it, the characters may have behaved differently. Place directs her characters and ultimately people break off into groups. Which you should never do in a horror story, don’t they know they’re in a book?! Although Place dips into classic horror analogies there are times the characters poke fun at this and do not make the decisions we would expect them to make.

Another theme I really loved was the classic blood ‘wakes’ the beast. It shows Place really thought about ‘the why’ when she wrote this book. The 7(also a classic horror number) friends are not just attacked because they dare to wander the grounds of the hospital. It’s is an incident where blood is spilled which causes the hospital to rouse from its slumber, and welcome its new guests.

The grandmother’s introduction was seamless and the throwback to her at the end was inspired. I think this is a sensational read and you won’t want to put the book down. So make sure you’re sitting comfortably with your beverage of choice before you embark.

Anything Else?

Yes, you can find Jennifer L. Place on all the usual platforms, and I’ve linked much of her media below. She has other books if horror is not your fancy, as you can see, so go buy one of those. You won’t be disappointed, and once again, thanks for reading Moonlings!

Building 51 - Jennifer Place
Building 51 – Jennifer Place



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Moon Interviews: Pussy Tantrum



Yes, you heard that right, I’m interviewing fellow blogger; the genre master, Pussy Tantrum. My reasoning was originally I was just interested in their work. There is a certain enigma to their respective sites. However, the more I viewed their endeavours the more curious I became.

In a world where outcry/cancel culture is rampant, I worry for artists and writers like Pussy Tantrum. They say themselves that they are not making millions off their work, but they are working none the less. However, they may not be everyone’s proverbial cup of tea and challenge the status quo. So in accordance with this, they often are punished for it.

They were banned from Twitter 5 times according to them, and while they probably more or less broke Twitter’s terms of service, it’s their banishment from Amazon which disturbs me. Although Amazon took down a book, which Pussy Tantrum themselves admits may have been problematic, they also banned them, (and the rest of their 15 other books), for life.

The interview follows, and I would like to whole-heartedly thank Pussy Tantrum for taking the time to answer the questions. Let me know what you think about their answers in the comments down below.

Q1 You go by many names, now I won’t ask you for your real name, but who do you identify as for the purpose of this interview?

I identify as Pussy Tantrum currently. For a long time I went as Kitty Glitter but I no longer like that name, but there is still a slot machine named Kitty Glitter. I actually won $800 playing on it one time.

Q2 How are you feeling right now about social media? I read somewhere that you were banned from Twitter.

I think social media is pretty lame for the most part. I also think the internet is lame mostly, but Instagram is okay, it’s the least bad of the social medias. I was banned from Twitter for being off the hook, they thought that I was too hardcore. It’s probably the fifth time I was banned from Twitter, at this point I have no interest in making another account on there. It seems to be a dying platform and everyone on there is always mad. I feel like the MySpace era was the best time for social media. Everyone on MySpace was fun and happy, it was the time of Stevie Ryan, a time when Stevie Ryan ruled the world and a young Katy Perry was just getting started. Katy Perry was a MySpace star before she ever became a real world star. I miss MySpace and I miss the LG Chocolate telephone, I still feel that it was the best phone ever!

Q3 I’ve listened to your podcast, ‘Pussy Centipede’ and I must admit I’m intrigued. However you received a scathing review on Stitcher 2 months ago. How does reviews like this make you feel about your work?

The Pussy Centipede is the most important podcast ever, but to experience it properly you must listen to the episodes in the proper sequence starting with episode one. I don’t really care about bad reviews. Everything I like has one star reviews. I feel that reviews are just opinions and that they are bound to vary, but if a restaurant has too many bad reviews I won’t eat there. Nothing is worse than gross food, a bad movie won’t make you sick. Make sure to tell everyone you know about The Pussy Centipede though, it’s so important to society, I think it’s going to change the world!

Stitcher - Pussy Centipede#

Q4 Tell me about Jill Banner, you cite her as your muse, what is it about her?

I love Jill Banner. She mostly only starred in the film Spider Baby and some random episodes of Dragnet. She also dated Marlon Brando, people say she was the love of Marlon Brando’s life. She died in a car accident in her early 30’s so who knows what could have happened with her career? Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan of Spider Baby, I’m sure if she had lived longer he would have cast her in all his films, I’m sure Rob Zombie would have as well. That’s just the kind of superstar she was. Her performance in Spider Baby is probably the most brilliant film performance ever, and she was only 17 when she did it, and she wasn’t a trained actress. So she was totally an outsider artist, her performance in that film was outsider art! She was also really hot and pretty. I would say that she was hotter than Katy Perry, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Hailee Steinfeld. I think that’s saying alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must watch Spider Baby now!

Moon Interviews - Pussy Tantrum
Jill Banner in “Spider Baby.”

In addition I would say that Jill Banner is a perfect symbol of outsider art or things that are good. I think Spider Baby is the best movie ever and that nothing has ever been made that is better than Spider Baby. But it’s a movie that’s like on the outside. Being an insider is lame though, and boring. In a recent interview John Waters said that being an outsider is bad now because Trump was an outsider and John Waters hates him or something. But I think he is just old and political now and he is boring now. That’s why it’s good when people die young, if you die young you will stay cool forever like James Dean. But it’s sad that Jill Banner died young.

Q5 You self-identify as a ghetto outsider. What circumstances have directed your life in this way?

I probably identify as ghetto because I grew up in Queens in the 80’s. That was before NYC was totally gentrified and safe. I got into fights all the time and got robbed a lot. The first three bikes I ever had were robbed off me so that hardened me and made me ghetto. People used to throw eggs all over the place on Halloween back then, and it was dangerous. I also worked as a janitor for a long time at The New York Times. I cleaned the toilets and the reporters at the NY Times would poop really bad all over the place, I saw so much bad poop, and that made me be on the outside I guess. I was on the outside looking in while everyone was locked inside the stall of the bathroom pooping and waiting for me to clean their poop.

Moon Interviews - Pussy Tantrum
Moon Interviews – Pussy Tantrum

Also I’m not rich or famous and don’t really get paid to make the art I do. If Andy Warhol was still alive he would have discovered me and made me a superstar. I would have been chilling at The Factory with Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller. I would have been an insider, but without Andy Warhol I shall remain on the outside. I am not motivated to be creative, it’s just a compulsion. It’s impossible for me not to make crappy stuff or record crappy podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q6 What is your primary goal in life, and are you living towards that goal?

I once had a goal of a writing a book that would be totally famous and totally notorious. But I already achieved that goal in 2012 by writing Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine. If you Google it you will see that it was totally famous and totally notorious. So after that I no longer had any goals. I have seen Katy Perry live on three separate occasions. I have also seen Poppy three times. I guess those are goals. Maybe seeing them both ten times each will be goals. I am currently planning to make a show called Pussy High. I am going to shoot it all on MiniDV tapes and instead of actors I am using a combination of Barbie dolls and homemade dolls. That is probably a goal too. I’m generally living towards that goal. I would also like to lose weight. I am trying to do a keto diet but I keep cheating on it and getting fatter. My goal weight is 190 and I am currently 220, so it’s a realistic goal. Based on my height 220 is overweight but not obese. If I ever crossed the line into obesity I would be depressed, but no offence to obese people.


Q7 You were also banned from Amazon, firstly do you feel this is an impingement on free speech?

I don’t know if getting banned from Amazon was a free speech violation. I mean I generally think free speech applies to the government, like if the government had arrested me for my books that would most def had impinged on my free speech rights. But these days with all the big tech monopolies it’s hard to even understand what free speech is anymore. At some point we will have to come to a new understanding of what constitutes free speech. I wish somebody would create a free speech publishing platform though, what happened to me is most def censorship and it wasn’t fair!!!! Amazon is crap! I’m so glad that Jeff Bezos is caught up in a dick pic scandal!


Q8 Also could you speculate as to why you were banned from Amazon?

I know why I was banned from Amazon. I had published a satirical book called Soy Wars: The Soylence Of The Lambs. The book was about a writer named Chuck Wendig and how he goes on an adventure to save his wife’s boyfriend from a gang of Irish kittens. The book was meant to be a mockery of Star Wars author Chuck Wendig, a person I find to be a pompous blowhard and an angry hatemonger. Chuck Wendig was angry that so many people liked my book and he reported me to Amazon saying that my book was threatening to his family and defamation or something. He also got me banned from every other publishing platform except for one. I won’t name that platform here though because he might see the interview and then get me banned from that place. It wasn’t just Wendig though, it was also this other author named Summer Heacock, she is friends with Chuck Wendig and used Twitter to start a mass flagging campaign against me. So Summer Heacock and all her followers mass reported my books. What I don’t understand is why all my books were banned instead of just the one book about Wendig? It makes no sense. I had like 15 books and all 15 were banned.

Q9 I would like people to know more about ‘Wondercat’. Is this a musical project by yourself or friends of you?

Wondercat is a band I had with my fiancee. We did it for about two years, it was music we wrote and recorded together, we tried to record everyone only using four track cassette recorders. I prefer to do everything analog. I mostly played bass guitar on the songs and wrote the lyrics, and my fiancee wrote the music and played guitar. But sometimes I wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics, and sometimes I played guitar. I think the music was inspired by The Vaselines, and sometimes PIL and The Sex Pistols. I really love Johnny Rotten. I don’t think we’ll ever record as Wondercat again but we will probably make music for my Pussy High show like a theme song and score. I still have fourteen copies of the first Wondercat album on cassette and a bunch of stickers if anyone wants to buy some.


Q10 You say on your website that you’ve retired from writing books. However, would you ever consider writing again? If not, is there any other projects we can look forward to?

I am retired from writing under the name Kitty Glitter. All the getting banned just left a bad taste in my mouth. I also just feel bored with writing fiction right now. But I still write plotlines for The Pussy Centipede podcast, and I am writing scripts for my Pussy High show. I also like to do drawing and photography and film. So definitely keep an eye out for my Pussy High show which I will be posting up on Bit.Tube. And also keep an eye out for upcoming episodes of The Pussy Centipede podcast!!!!! You can also see my drawings on Instagram!!!!

Q11 Finally from my interactions with you and consuming your content, I consider you to be an absurdist. How would you categorise yourself and your art, and is my assumption somewhat accurate?

I think absurdist is accurate to some degree. I am definitely influenced by the Dada movement which I think is related to absurdity. I really like the Gregg Araki films The Doom Generation and Nowhere. I feel like those films are their own genre and I’d like my work to be in that genre. I feel that the only proper reaction to the chaos of the universe is absurdity, I think that’s what the Dada people thought but I’m not sure.

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