I hang out with Queens only…


My hands are cold,

Don’t worry about reaching for them.

Warmth is in my lipstick, my colours.

When we are almost something,

Or are we already that fact?



This is safe for me, safety in numbers,

The creatives are bright.

Quick the bell rings, and my laughter peels out.

These friends are not blanched.

We make up for distance with time.



You think you know what we are?

Unsung heroes of our tribe.

Covered in the ink of our exploits.

We learn, chuckle, and transcend age.

Among other traits.


Holding in your jealousy will only make you greener.

Join us, and you can be any colour you like.


Copyright © 2019 Thinkingmoon.com – All rights reserved

Reality’s Fault

28 thoughts on “I hang out with Queens only…

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  1. This is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me even if the romance isn’t happening hahaha. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you Jaycee!

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              1. Of course. “Before I begin this story, I must thank the inspiration and the very reason this story is even possible. Jaycee, for her knack for caring and seeing twitter comments and jumping in to save the day. Thank you, my matchmaker.” Sound good? haha

                Liked by 1 person

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