My Baby Green Squish♡

Yes Moonlings, you read that right. The title of this blog is “My Baby Green Squish.”

I have not in fact, lost my mind. I have found it. It is my sentiment that we should follow where our passions lead us. That which fills our hearts with joy, and there is no bigger joy for me, than my baby green squish.

Ok so some context before I lose myself in the charm of him. There is this animated show created by YouTuber Olan Rogers called “Final Space.” It is a very excellent show frens. It is quirky, funny, and emotional. It is superbly produced and the performances are amusing.

Now here is a photo of the show.

Mooncake - Final Space
Mooncake – Final Space

Now. Let us zoom in closer:


Do you see that sweet little green squish? Yes, I have one of those. Now we all have passions and hobbies. This blog is so joyful for me, and it is a wonderful website filled with phenomenal people. However sometimes your heart asks you to create something unorthodox and that becomes art.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 13.30.31

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 13.36.22.png

He has made me so happy, like look how sweet his little face is. So without further ado, I am indulging my glee. I felt that the internet needed a YouTube channel to document the loveliness of the baby green squish.

Please have a look at the 30-second trailer for the channel. If you are interested in the adventures of a baby green squish, please head over. Have a look. Maybe subscribe. This is literally a fun little project for me because I needed to blow off some steam.

Or go check out some other fun stuff.

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