2018 in Review – Support

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my fellow Christmas celebrators.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to those who opt out of Christian celebrations.

Here’s to the future.

Friends, this year has been stupendous regarding the blogs I’ve discovered and followed here.

I had an idea. Why don’t we each find our own favourite post from this year or the one we’re most proud of and share it in the comments below, with a short synopsis.

Then we can all click on each other’s links and leave a like or comment. This will help each other out, and we may find new blogs we didn’t even know about.

It will also make us think about what post (or posts) we are most proud of so we can actually pat ourselves on the back for once.

Also if you are feeling isolated as a writer or creator and you’re a member of Twitter check out the #writerscommunity hashtag. It’s a wonderful community, people are so supportive, and it’s a mix of agents, publishers, and writers.

Here is the post I’m most proud of this year. It’s my first anxiety post. It got such a wonderful response and people were so supportive.

I look forward to reading (or re-reading) your most cherished post.



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15 thoughts on “2018 in Review – Support

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  1. Merry Christmas Thinkingmoon. Wishing you and your readers peace, love and happiness, and much success in the new year 🙂
    Although I mostly post about old toys, my favourite post I made this year is a poem: https://wp.me/p1uz18-3gH I challenged myself to write something that was not only very personal but that also explored language: 1, regional languages (in this case the Midlands, England), 2, idioglossia – an idiosyncratic language often associated with twin siblings.

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  2. What a nice post and a great idea. My favorite post still has yet to be written, but if people like cooking and fun food facts, then stop by and say “hi”. You can find me at ajeanneinthekitchen.com. Happy New Year and Happy blogging to all of you.

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