Denmark, an Adventure

Denmark, an Adventure
Denmark, an Adventure

My dear friends welcome to my first adventure post. As I recently made the trip to Denmark to visit a friend of Le’Boo I decided to document our ramblings. Denmark’s weather is similar to Ireland, so we were not unfazed by that. However, although some of the landscape resonates with the green fields of Ireland, we couldn’t help but notice some marked differences. We visited some compelling albeit bizarre places.


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We started out on what we thought would be an interesting history lesson. Our friend brought us to a limestone mine outside of Viborg. I’d never been in a mine before and I immediately had flashbacks to playing Half-Life, crawling through the alien caves (yes I am a nerd let’s move on).

For starters, it’s immediately colder inside. A balmy 8 degrees Celsius. Which is the perfect temperature for bats and cheese. That sounds random but I’ll get to that later. While the caves were mostly lit, there were sections where if you wanted to climb through the small cramped openings, it was best you did it with a torch. It felt like a strange new world, and the porous limestone rocks provided an unexpected humidity.

Along with the eeriness of the dark permeable walls, there was trickling streams and spectrally calm pools of clear water. The time of the year afforded a mostly quiet and abandoned feel with few fellow tourists. While we only came across one small bat, we did also come across a frog.

The whole experience was exceptional and unexpectedly exhilarating. Oh yes, and the cheese, according to the dairy company Arla, the conditions in the mines provides a perfect storage place for their incubating cheese products. Yes, I agree that it’s random, but the Danes are known for being practical and this is an efficient use of a mostly empty space.


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Then the gracefully rolling hills of Denmark yielded some equally strange and unsettling experiences when we took a drive along the coast. The water was choppy in the wind and we decided to stop for exploration. We expected exquisite water in high winds, what we got was even better.

Although Denmark was neutral during World War II, parts of it were occupied by German forces. What was left over from this time were army bunkers along the coastline which, while being open to the public are also art installations. Yes yes I know, I’ll explain later.

As the weather was a bit windy (you’ll see that in the video footage), we were the only ones exploring the bunkers. As we walked around the cold, quiet rooms, we sensed the thousands of lives which had filtered in and out of these stone refuges. If not ominous enough, one of the bunkers had war era music playing out of a hole in the wall. Again, I had flashbacks to video games and felt the need to record the experience which can be viewed here.

The art yes of course. It turns out that the ever-practical Danes use these historical sites for art installations that are beyond simple art on canvasses. Unfortunately it wasn’t the time of year for them, however as I’m sure we will go back, perhaps next time we can experience that joy.


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All in all the country is splendid, it’s people seem genuinely happy. Although it rains quite a bit, this allows for the green fields to flourish, along with its people. The standard of living there is evidenced by its citizens, amenities and general cleanliness. The safety of its citizens needs no further explanation as the bunkers were open to the public. People talk to each other on the street whether stranger or friend.

Would I live there? Certainly yes, yes I would.

Also want to say a huge thank you to Faye for hosting and Loki the cat for wonderful snuggles. Till next time fair Denmark.

Also, check out my creepy YouTube video.

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