“So before I end my day…


There is something about music that stirs me primally. It disturbs me how it can cascade through my mind. Only when I listen to music, do I tap into parts of myself which are reserved for the divine. This is uncontrollable. I compare it to drinking a glass of good whiskey.

Normally I go look for the science of it all, try and understand parts of my brain that causes this. Not today.

Today I admit music’s true power. It’s human magic and cannot be explained purely by science. Our language doesn’t have a chance against this allurement and the feelings conjured.

Although I know I am someone who feels deeply, and could simply be overly sensitive to most human experiences, I cannot deny the truth in it. Music is a balm.

Like a drug, it’s effect is heady. A simple lyric, drum beat, or refrain can cause my heart to beat faster, my head to feel light, and my hands to tingle.

We are listening to other’s love, sorrow, pain, anger. Our bodies are trained to hear this for better or for worse.

It is a chasm I grateful leap into at every possible chance, my sweet prince.

Remember, I don’t even need to name individual songs/albums/artists, because you’re already thinking of the one.

Inspired by: My Sweet Prince – Placebo (1998 – Without You I’m Nothing)




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Not my first post about music and not my last:


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