For Mindfulness.

What you feed grows,

The exercise of running away or focusing on something else is a misguided approach,

You must be aware of your mind and body as one,

This will strengthen your neural pathways that deal with coping and stress,

You have feelings for a reason, they are your body and minds signals for something out of place,

Let’s think of our body and mind as one, to create synergy. Let’s call the combination of your mind and body your ‘spirit,’

You must experience emotions through your mind and your body. You will have both experiences simultaneously,

Start with your feet. What do they feel like? Are they hot or cold? Are they touching anything? Have far have they carried you today? Is there any moisture on them or are they dry?

Continue through the body taking each body part the same way, and thinking about how it feels and what you used it for today,

Now listen to your body, what are you feeling? When you have identified the feeling, where is it stemming from? What part of your body can you feel it in?

Why are you feeling it? What is causing this feeling, can you find solutions?

Are you trapped? Is there a way to resolve this feeling?

Remember, What you feed grows, so grow solutions through synergy.

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