Dear Orlando…

Dear Orlando…

I promised myself I wouldn’t hate. Everything I read about the Orlando shootings stirs powerful feelings within me. I’m very emotional, and in the midst of those emotions, I would not let hatred or wrath rule. There is no room for it, we need to feel the sorrow and realise that we feel it because we love.

We are the ones who love, we are the ones who want freedom for all, we are the ones who are watching these senseless tragedies and asking, “how and why,” because we give love and receive love.

So I promised instead to focus on that love so that I don’t shy away from the world, and while it makes me sorrowful that some people are afraid to simply walk down the street holding the hand of the person they love, I won’t hate the people who oppose them. I will feel sorrow and understand that it reflects my own inner constitution of tolerance, acceptance, and love.

Please, if you do walk down the street holding hands with your loved one, do it with the knowledge that I and countless others will your freedom to do so. Let us be defiant of these acrimonious people together, and instead of hate and fear, let us, love. I’ll say it again, forget hate, forget fear, remember and feel love.

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